In September 2016 we started with the 4th Season of the Borgh Sportsclub-savings action! Participation is free of charge. All we ask is to hang our posters + flyers in your clubhouse and / or spread the action among your members, via facebook, your newsletter, club website, etc. Your members are the donors . Of their consumption (from € 25.00) at the Borgh, we reserve 5% as a sponsorship for your sports club. It does not cost you anything but your members can also donate free of charge. You can find the rules of this action in the Borgh sportsclub-savings action flyer, check them online!

To participate in this action, which runs from September 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, we will ask you to
officially subscribe your club. Sign up can be easily done via this link! If you have already signed up for
the savings action last year, you will not need to log in again.
We look forward to your registration!
If you need our posters and flyers for the savings action 4.0, please send an email to and we will send the material!