At Hotel de Borgh in Zevenbergen, the possibilities to have a party or event are unlimited. From a luxurious skybar to a fully equipped theater hall with stage and dance floor with the most advanced lighting and sound system. Besides taking care of all kinds of catering, we also offer a variety of entertainment. A cover band, a DJ, hilarious game shows, a funny bingoshow or a murder-dinner! We work together with Uitjesbazen in Erp. Have a look at their site for all the possibilities we can offer. Information or quotation? Please contact

Who is the rat game


Who is the mole is a TV hit in Holland. Great to participate. Unfortunately for the participants in the TV game, they need to play the game first and after that they get to eat. That's better with our game!No cameras but food. No water but wine. No mole but rat. With a flat screen on one side and a presenter on the other side, a variety of games will pass by. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes serious, and everything in between. With one goal, discover the rat as quickly as possible, beat the other teams and get the best score!

I Love Holland Quiz

Who is the rat is exciting and funny. But if you want it really hilarious, I love Holland is the right quiz for you. During dinner, between the different courses, you will compete with each in teams in different rounds. Who wins the final round after dessert and gets to take the trophee home?

The coolest quiz in Holland

With 2 presenters, 6 different rounds and a high level of interaction, we ensure that guests remain involved. Never a dull moment! Each round is so different that it is almost impossible to be the best in each round. However, knowledge is very important to win the quiz! Rounds like "true-or-not true", "does-he-do-it-or-doesn’t-he", a photo and a music round. Many of the rounds are tailor made to your company. Movies are therefore made at your company prior to your visit to Hotel de Borgh.


Imagine this; someone at your company was killed. You know exactly who. You just do not know why, by who and not even how and where. Two police commissioners will help you on the spot with 2 to 6 researchers. This game is great, mysterious and can only be played in big locations, like Hotel de Borgh. No-one can be trusted. Except your own teammates and the police commissioners from the organisation of this game. The killer is someone among you, the one who was killed to .. The following is necessary to make the murder game a great success; the game is made at your company prior to your visit to Hotel de Borgh.